The sequel to Star Trek: Voyager is heading to Netflix. The fans stomped him out

Eli Wallace

The sequel to Star Trek: Voyager is heading to Netflix. The fans stomped him out

The critically acclaimed sci-fi series Star Trek: The Phenomenon has been cancelled on its home channel. After fan protests and a subsequent campaign, Netflix saved the entire project.

Two years ago, a sci-fi animated series from the Star Trek universe Star Trek – The Phenomenon debuted on Paramount+ (currently available on SkyShowtime). The first season, which had a total of 20 episodes, did quite well among fans and critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series scored 94% with an average rating of 8 points out of 10. However, the viewership numbers were probably not as high as the company had imagined, because at the time of filming the second season, the CBC decided to cancel the series. On social media, there was then a disapproving reaction from fans and a campaign to save the series. These pleas were finally heard by Netflix when they decided to buy Star Trek Prodigy on their platform.

The show’s creators expressed gratitude to fans for their support, mentioning that they are still hard at work on a second season: “Thank you to our incredible Star Trek: Prodigy fans who have contributed not only to the show, but to a community that has always been united by the belief that together we are building a better future,” said producer Alex Kurtzman and co-writers Dan and Kevin Hageman. Both seasons of the animated children’s series, including the as yet unaired second season, have thus found a new home. The first season will appear on Netflix at the end of this year, with the second season expected to air throughout 2024. The move may seem relatively surprising, as the series is produced by CBS and belongs to the same conglomerate as Paramount+. However, the debt-ridden HBO Max and Disney+ have already shown this year that the former emphasis on brand exclusivity is not so profitable and the sale of rights, on the other hand, is still very lucrative financially.

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