Teenagers despise Android. The vast majority prefer the iPhone

Eli Wallace

Teenagers despise Android. The vast majority prefer the iPhone
  • The latest US market research shows that 87% of young people use an iPhone
  • 88 percent of them want to buy an Apple phone next time
  • The number of Apple Watch users is also growing

The economy is not doing very well and manufacturers are not innovating as much as they have in previous years, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max sold out in less than an hour. At the same time, it is Apple’s most expensive phone with a price exceeding 35 thousand crowns. This is a clear indication of how popular Apple phones are among users. And while Android still dominates the global phone market, Apple has something that Google and Samsung can only dream of.

Pixels and Galaxy S series smartphones are not as popular among younger age groups as iPhones. In short, teenagers are buying iPhones and will continue to do so. At least that’s what a new study by the American company Piper Sandler shows.

Young people like iPhone the most

The firm surveyed nearly 9,200 teens from 49 different states in the U.S., with an average age of 15.7 years, and found that 87 percent of those surveyed use an iPhone, and 88 percent of them assume their next phone will be from Cupertino.

This survey is conducted twice a year, so we have enough data to compare. Compared to last year, the situation has not changed, but interest in the iPhone has skyrocketed in the last decade. Ten years ago, only half of respondents used an iPhone.

Although this is an American survey, the situation elsewhere in the world is very similar. Earlier this year, for example, Gallup found that young people in Korea prefer Apple to Samsung.

Most receive iPhones from parents

The new survey also shows that only a third of teenagers were employed part-time at the beginning of September. So, most young Apple users get iPhones from their parents, who probably use them as well. This is very good news for the Californian company, because when these people grow up, they will buy its phones because they will be used to them from childhood.

The more they use iPhones, the more more Apple products and services they will purchase. For example, 34% of those surveyed said they use the Apple Watch in addition to their phone, which is a 3 percent increase from last year. Nearly half of teens use Apple Pay and 37% use iCloud Private Relay, a service that anonymizes web browsing. This is available as part of iCloud, which is paid for by only about a quarter of users.

When it comes to music, Apple is not doing very well here, with Apple Music with 30 percent of subscribers lagging behind Spotify, which is subscribed to by 46 percent of young people. Spotify is also the most popular music app, used by 70% of fans.

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