Years ago, he created the first iPhone, now he wants to develop a smartphone powered by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence

Former Apple designer Jony Ive and Sam Altman of OpenAI are reportedly in advanced talks with SoftBank to start a $1 billion venture. Their common goal is to create an “AI-powered iPhone”. According to the Financial Times, Altman wants Jony Ive, or rather his design studio LoveFrom, to help develop the first consumer device based … Read more

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iPhone owners are reporting a strange problem. Their phone turns off spontaneously during the night

iphone turn off during night

Maybe you’ve picked up your iPhone in the morning and been asked to enter a security code instead of unlocking it with Face ID. This usually indicates that a reboot has occurred, which is usually associated with automatic system updates. Recently, however, there has been an increase in the experience of users who report a … Read more

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The iPhone 15 Pro could easily replace a computer. If only Apple wanted to…

The iPhone 15 Pro could easily replace a computer. If only Apple wanted to...

USB-C significantly expands the capabilities of this year’s iPhones With its help, the developer was able to run a computer environment on the connected monitor Apple could add the same functionality on its own One of the most significant innovations of this year’s iPhones is the replacement of the original Lightning port with universal USB-C. … Read more

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Apple has introduced a more affordable Pencil. It charges via USB-C and lacks one crucial feature

Apple today unveiled a brand new model of the Pencil stylus, which replaces the older version. For the sake of completeness, it is worth adding that the new Apple Pencil replaces the first generation, which used the Lightning interface for power. The newly launched variant already relies on the more modern USB-C. The power connector … Read more

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