October 28 full moon, 2 signs absolutely unaffected by lunar influence!

On October 28, 2023, stargazers and astrology enthusiasts will witness the full Hunter’s Moon shining bright in the night sky. While this lunar event is certainly mesmerizing to observe, it holds significant astrological meaning as well. Within astrology, the phases of the moon are believed to influence our daily lives, emotions, and even actions. However, for two lucky zodiac signs, they will remain largely unaffected by this lunar event. In this article, we will dive into what makes this full moon unique and explore which zodiac signs can go about their day unbothered.

The Full Hunter’s Moon on October 28

This year’s full Hunter’s Moon will illuminate the eastern skies on October 28, reaching its peak approximately at 18 degrees. Astrologically, the full moon is often seen as a time of culmination and release. It represents both metaphorical and actual endings, prompting us to let go of things that hold us back. This particular full moon will likely bring about strong emotional responses and revelations, leading many to introspect and reassess their current situation.

The Significance of the Full Hunter’s Moon

Historically, the full Hunter’s Moon owes its name to the fact that hunters would use the moon’s light during this period to track down game and prepare for the winter ahead.
Separate from its historical context, within astrology, the full moons in general signify that it’s time to deal with accumulated emotions and move forward.

Zodiac Signs and Lunar Influences

Each zodiac sign has a specific relationship with the moon, given that the moon changes positions every couple of days, thus interacting with different signs and their energies. The moon in astrology is associated with our emotions, subconscious mind, and nurturing instincts.

As the full moons are typically charged emotional states, it’s usual that each zodiac sign will approach this lunar phase differently. For some signs, they will feel a heightened sense of sensitivity, whereas others may feel more adventurous or challenged. However, amidst all these astrological influences, two zodiac signs emerge unscathed from the energetic fluctuations brought on by the October 28 full moon.

Two Zodiac Signs Unaffected by the Lunar Influence of the Full Hunter’s Moon

Although most signs will experience the turbulent waves of emotion during this period, those born under Aquarius and Leo can hope to remain steady throughout the lunar event. Here’s why:

Aquarius: The Eyewitness to Emotional Overflows

Aquarians are known for their objective and rational thinking which often allows them to detach themselves effortlessly from excessive emotional turbulence. As an air sign, they easily maintain an observational perspective when faced with the intensity of the full moon. They tend to stay composed amidst chaotic situations and use their analytical skills to navigate through any challenging phase.

  1. Strong intellectual facade: Their ability to separate emotions from situations allows them to evaluate things clearly and rationally.
  2. Naturally detached nature: By default, Aquarians aren’t deeply swayed by emotional ebbs and flows compared to water signs, like Cancer and Pisces.
  3. Independency: They function well alone, providing them with an inherent sense of stability no matter what the cosmic climate presents.

Leo: The Fearless and Confident Hero

Leos thrive under pressure and consider challenges as merely opportunities to showcase their strength and abilities. The full moon’s tumultuous energy barely fazes a Leo, primarily because they possess the strong innate sense of self-esteem and self-trust required to conquer any hurdles thrown their way.

  • A natural-born leader: A Leo is always ready to guide others, often inspiring those around them during trying times.
  • Brimming with confidence: They audaciously charge forward without being weighed down by the emotional baggage many tend to collect during the full moon.
  • Courageous spirit: While others might get distracted focusing on personal emotional situations, Leos remain courageous and poised in confronting adversity head-on.

In conclusion, although most zodiac signs will be influenced by the October 28 Full Hunter’s Moon, Aquarians and Leos can count themselves fortunate for not having to bear the brunt of this cosmic event. With their rational thinking, an innate sense of self-trust, and unbreakable resilience, these two zodiac signs are primed to maintain balance and stability, undeterred by the tides of emotion that come knocking during the full moon.

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