iPhone owners are reporting a strange problem. Their phone turns off spontaneously during the night

Eli Wallace

iphone turn off during night

Maybe you’ve picked up your iPhone in the morning and been asked to enter a security code instead of unlocking it with Face ID. This usually indicates that a reboot has occurred, which is usually associated with automatic system updates. Recently, however, there has been an increase in the experience of users who report a very interesting problem. This is because looking at the battery data shows that the phone was turned off for an extended period of time during the night.

Personally, I’ve already gotten used to the fact that the iPhone can behave strangely from time to time. For example, at the time of writing this article, it happened to me that my iPhone 15 Pro Max (review) “crashed”, which manifested itself in the display going out and refusing to respond to any actions or forced power on. After about twenty seconds, the system started up again, as if nothing had happened. However, the software goblin mentioned in the introduction has a more serious character, as evidenced by the number of user reports that are spread on discussion forums.

According to the reactions of users, this problem is not only the prerogative of the new iPhone 15, from which it can be concluded that the cause is most likely a bug in the iOS 17.0.3 operating system, which currently presents the latest version. In the discussions, I even came across the reaction of the owner of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, who registered the same problem in the summer of this year, when he had iOS 16 installed. After diagnostics at an authorized service center, the motherboard with the battery was replaced. Since then, the iPhone has been working properly and has not encountered the problem of spontaneous shutdown.

How to tell if your iPhone is suffering from the same problem?

A portion of the user base attributes this strange behavior to a bug in iOS that most often manifests itself in iPhones charged via MagSafe chargers. However, these are unconfirmed assumptions that cannot yet be verified in any way. Personally, however, I am inclined to believe that the spontaneous shutdown of the iPhone is caused by a bug in the operating system, which can persist for a long time and Apple has not yet managed to fix it.

If you suspect that your iPhone also turned off spontaneously during the night, you can find out by following the steps below. Open Settings -> select the section Battery and look at the chart Charging in the last 24 hours.

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