iPhone owners are frightened by a new bug: the phone behaves mysteriously at night

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iPhone owners are frightened by a new bug: the phone behaves mysteriously at night
  • A number of iPhones are struggling with a bug that causes mysterious nighttime shutdowns
  • An unknown bug in iOS 17.0.3 appears to be to blame, but Apple has not yet commented on the issue

Apple doesn’t have a moment of peace. The problems of this year’s iPhone 15 are starting to pile up: you have easily rubbing material, fragile glass on the back, overheating. On top of that, strange problems are appearing with virtually all iPhones with the latest iOS 17.0.3 update. Users report that their iPhone turned off overnight on the charger for several hours.

iPhones are plagued by another problem

9to5Mac editor Zac Hall was the first to report the issue when he shared a screenshot of the battery settings on Network X. It is clear from the graph that the mobile phone turned off for a few hours and did not work despite the constant connection to the charger. In the morning, the phone would require you to enter a numeric code to unlock it, while other times a face scan using Face ID was enough.

Hall wouldn’t have noticed the problem himself, but he was alerted to a thread on the Reddit forum where multiple users were reporting a similar problem. Sometimes it’s a shutdown for a few hours, as in Hall’s case, other times it’s as much as 4 hours.

What’s even more bizarre is that the problem doesn’t just affect the next-gen iPhone 15, including the Pro and Pro Max models, but older models as well. On both Reddit and Network X, there are affected users with iPhone 13, iPhone 14, even iPhone 12 Pro.

A similar problem is also seen on the editorial iPhone 15 Pro. So it looks like the problem is on the side of the original “patch update” of iOS 17.0.3. But you know, when a forest is cut down, splinters fly, so when one problem is solved, a new one can suddenly arise.

How to check if the problem is happening to you?
On your iPhone, open Settings –> Battery and focus on the charging chart. The green lines symbolize the percentage of charge, while the bottom line shows the time. If you see sudden blackouts of green lines in the graph, it may mean that your iPhone also shut down spontaneously overnight.

According to official information, Apple is not yet aware of the problem, or at least has not commented on it in any way. Fortunately, this is not a fatal problem; Still, users are terrified that something inexplicable and unpredictable is happening to their mobile. Instead of releasing iOS 17.1 soon, Apple will probably have to reach for patch updates again and pull out iOS 17.0.4, as he jokingly commented on network X YouTuber Aaron Zollo.

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