iOS 17.1 brings to iPhone 15 Pro to change the behavior of the action button

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One of the newly added features on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is the action button, which can be set to one of several available functions. In the presets, you can choose, for example, to mute sounds, turn on the flashlight, trigger a short circuit, or switch the Focus mode. The button works even when the display is off, which can trigger unwanted actions at certain moments.

However, with the arrival of the iOS 17.1 update, which is currently available in the developer version, the action button behaves differently. The new version of the system will introduce a function that operatively detects when you have the iPhone 15 Pro (review) in your pocket and adjusts the behavior of the action button accordingly.

Basically, when you press the action button, your iPhone will try to use the proximity sensor to see if it’s in your pocket. If the system evaluates that this is indeed the case, the user must press the button for a longer period of time to trigger the preset action. The purpose of this new feature is to prevent accidental activation in situations where you don’t want it.

The action button definitely has more potential

From the user’s point of view, this is an “invisible” feature, or there is no option to set or customize it. Either way, it’s a useful improvement that has a positive impact on user experience. Personally, however, I would like to see Apple further develop the idea of an action button. Currently, only one preset action can be invoked. But I can imagine a function that would double-click to trigger a secondary event.

In addition to the above-mentioned modification of the behavior of the function button, there are also other new features in iOS 17.1. Most of the time, however, it is a cosmetic improvement. However, it is definitely worth mentioning the option to choose to use mobile data to complete data transfers via AirDrop. We don’t yet know the specific release date of iOS 17.1 to the public, but it can be expected to happen later this month.

Do you have the iOS 17.1 beta installed on your iPhone and have you noticed other changes? If so, let us know about them in the discussion.

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