These third-party apps will supercharge your apple music experience

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There’s a lot to love about Apple Music. It works great on all your Apple devices (with decent cross-platform support), it offers hi-fi audio, and it’s also a bit more privacy-focused than other apps. That said, it still falls behind Spotify, Napster, and other music apps on several fronts, namely algorithmic recommendations. Thankfully, the App Store has a robust ecosystem of third-party Apple Music apps that can supercharge the experience with nicer interfaces, better recommendations, and even some fresh functions you may not have come across on Spotify. Here are our favorites.

Even if you prefer listening to music by album, rather than by playlist, it can be difficult to keep track of every album you’ve saved to your growing streaming library. Albums is an app dedicated to sorting your library by record, rather than by artist, song, or playlist. It pulls all the albums you’ve saved in your library into the app and lets you tap on each one to either play it, tag it for granular organization, view more from the artist, or view your listening stats for that record.

A lot of that is locked under a $2 per month premium subscription, though. That’s not much, but if you don’t want to subscribe, you can still use the app to shuffle your library by album rather than by song. It’s a nice way to rediscover old gems or finally listen to that album from a few years back that you’ve been meaning to get to.