Google or Samsung? The new Galaxy S24 flags want to be the smartest phones on the market

Eli Wallace

  • Artificial intelligence is currently taking over the technological world
  • Of course, it has also been found in phones for some time now
  • Samsung’s new flags want to be the smartest phones on the market

Samsung Galaxy S23+ | photo: own

As is well known, artificial intelligence is almost everywhere nowadays and one should be afraid of where it will jump out at next. We’ve been using artificial intelligence in mobile phones for quite a long time, but Samsung wants to take its implementation to a whole new level. Its new flags within the Galaxy S24 series are supposed to be the smartest phones around.

Samsung counts on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been around in phones for quite a long time, and its most visible use is with the camera. For example, it helps with scene detection to offer the ideal mode for a specific situation to get the best possible results. Google and its Pixel 8 are currently leading the way in this regard.

Attention was paid to a high degree of integration of artificial intelligence, which these phones are literally riddled with, and under the direction of Google, AI can really do a lot. Again, it helps mainly in the field of photos and videos, with their subsequent editing, and in this respect it offers really extensive possibilities. But now Google wants to challenge Samsung in this area.

The new Galaxy S24 series is even supposed to be smarter than Google’s Pixels

Smart and even smarter

According to the latest rumors published by the server Sammobile, Samsung’s new flags, the new Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, will be packed with artificial intelligence. This feature will reportedly be woven into them on such an extensive scale that they will be the smartest phones on the market and even leapfrog the Pixel 8 in this regard.

And what exactly will it be about? Supposedly, we should expect a built-in feature similar to ChatGPT, i.e. a helper in the form of a chatbot. For example, it should be able to create content based on several words mentioned by the user. Samsung should also implement text-to-image capability and better speech-to-text capability in its phones.

Bixby more human than ever

Samsung also reportedly has big plans for the Bixby voice assistant, which was on the verge of being canceled altogether not long ago. As it seems, he has caught his second wind with artificial intelligence and is back in the game. As part of the new flagship Galaxy S24 series, it should offer much smarter, more human conversations and be significantly more capable overall. We will see for ourselves at the beginning of the year, when the new flags from Samsung will most likely arrive.

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