Want a smartphone without that iPhone price tag? These are the best budget smartphones out there.


Just because a smartphone is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

Samsung’s latest line of smartphones, the Galaxy S22, is available in three forms: the standard S22, the S22+ and the S22 Ultra, which is essentially the Galaxy Note reborn. Prices for the Galaxy S22 start at $799.99 for the standard model, with the S22 Ultra costing $1,199.99.

They’re not the only smartphone maker offering their phones at over $1,000. Of course, Apple has its iPhone 13 Pro Max available at $1,099. But who says you have to pay $1,000, or even $700, to get a really good smartphone?

You have plenty of options that might not offer the latest and greatest features, or operate at the quickest of speeds, but get the job done on basics like email, social media and surfing the web.