Apple has introduced a more affordable Pencil. It charges via USB-C and lacks one crucial feature

Eli Wallace

Apple today unveiled a brand new model of the Pencil stylus, which replaces the older version. For the sake of completeness, it is worth adding that the new Apple Pencil replaces the first generation, which used the Lightning interface for power. The newly launched variant already relies on the more modern USB-C. The power connector is located under the sliding cap. In addition to charging, the integrated USB-C will also be used in the pairing process with a tablet, as was the case with the previous generation.

The new Apple Pencil offers the same as other Apple stylus models: low latency and the ability to recognize the angle of tilt. Following the example of the second generation, it can also be magnetically attached to the side of the iPad. However, it does not support wireless charging and only switches to power saving mode when attached to the tablet. It also lacks a double-tap function to change tools, it can’t recognize pressure levels, and you can’t use free engraving either. It supports at least the Pencil Hover feature, which is available on the latest iPad models. At the same time, it is compatible with all iPads that are equipped with a USB-C port.

In terms of equipment, the new Apple Pencil is below the second generation. It can therefore be recommended to less demanding users for basic sketching, note-taking or simple document annotations. It is not very suitable for drawing or more advanced editing of multimedia content, as it does not support sensing different levels of pressure, which can be quite a major limitation. Fortunately, the weaker equipment was reflected in a lower price, which Apple set at 2,290 crowns in our country. Availability is expected during November.

It’s quite interesting that Apple only introduced the Apple Pencil itself. In recent weeks, there have been several rumors that we can also look forward to new iPads. However, this did not happen, which is somewhat surprising. In fact, Apple very rarely presents the accessories themselves without the main device.

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