Apple has commented on the iPhone 15’s overheating issues. A fix is on the way

Eli Wallace

Apple has commented on the iPhone 15's overheating issues. A fix is on the way
  • Apple has admitted to problems with the higher heating of the new iPhone 15
  • The culprit is said to be neither the chipset nor the titanium body, but a bug in iOS 17
  • Cupertino is already working hard to remedy this

Last week, Apple started selling new iPhones, and the first findings of reviewers and new owners appeared. While the entry-level iPhone 15 and 15 Plus do not arouse almost any controversy, their more equipped colleagues with the nickname “Pro” are once again stirring up discussions – there is talk of titanium durability, the strength of the entire structure, as well as the new 3nm Apple A17 Pro chipset, which is probably responsible for excessive heating and reduced battery life. But is this really the case?

The iPhone 15 Pro is really heating up, Apple admitted

The problems with overheating of iPhones have been debated throughout the last week – some users have not even noticed this phenomenon, others have noticed the problems. According to the experience of the second group, overheating occurs randomly, usually at times when there is no reason for it. Apple initially ignored speculation about the new iPhones overheating, but now it has finally come up with an official statement.

Apple has admitted to excessive heating of the new iPhones, and in Cupertino they have reportedly identified three causes that may be causing it:

  • The first one is supposed to be associated with setting up a new iPhone, where in the first few days data is indexed in the background, or apps, photos or music are downloaded from the original device, which uses the phone and leads to higher heating.
  • The second cause is said to be an unspecified bug in iOS 17, which should be fixed in the next update.
  • The third cause is said to be recent updates to third-party apps, such as Instagram, which cause a higher load on the system. Apple is reportedly working with their developers to fix it.

The tech giant also refuted speculation that the new titanium frame, which dissipates heat worse, is to blame for the overheating. According to Apple, it’s exactly the opposite – the titanium frame is said to dissipate heat better than previous stainless steel constructions. The patch update is not supposed to have any impact on the phone’s performance, which disproved speculation that the overheating is due to a poorly designed A17 Pro chipset that will need to be underclocked.

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