An unpopular opinion? Your iPhone will last longer than your Android phone

Eli Wallace

An unpopular opinion? Your iPhone will last longer than your Android phone
  • iPhone owners change their phones after a longer time than their Android counterparts
  • This is due to many factors: price, hardware, software support
  • So, does that mean your iPhone will last longer than your Android phone?

After how many years do you change your phone? The answer to this question is highly individual and depends on each individual user. Some people buy a new phone every year with the intention of selling the old one, so the resulting investment is not so expensive. A recent survey from the US market shows that most people keep their phone for one to two years, but a lot also depends on the platform or manufacturer.

iPhone vs. iPhone Android

The study, conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), uses data as of September 2023 to show that iOS phones have been in users’ pockets for much longer than rival Android.

The graph shows how long it takes for a certain percentage of users to change their phone for a new/different one. For example, only 10% of users change their iPhone less than 12 months after purchasing the original one. Therefore, every 10th iPhone owner buys a new one during the life cycle of their current phone. In the case of Android devices, it is 23% of users, i.e. almost a quarter.

29% of study respondents keep their iPhone for one to two years. Android, on the other hand, is 34% of people. Reason? There can be several factors. Some of these customers want to have the latest every year, so they simply buy a mobile phone again every year, either monetizing the original one or leaving it to friends, family members, and so on.

Price comes first

However, the price effect must also be taken into account. The cheapest new iPhone costs more than 20,000 crowns. At the same time, the android competition sells from a few thousand crowns. However, it is logical that a cheaper mobile phone will also last less, as its hardware wears out sooner, cheaper materials on the body are less resistant to harsher use, and so on.

32% of people hold on to their iPhone for two to three years, while 10% more users change Android after that time. Again, the reasons may be the same – a cheaper purchase price equals a worse condition after two or perhaps three years in full harness.

How long does it take for iOS and Android users to change their phone

When it comes to price, CIRP brings some interesting thoughts: “It’s generally believed that iPhone owners are more affluent and tech-conscious, while Android owners are more budget-conscious. In theory, this should lead to iPhone buyers upgrading faster because they’re not as pressed for money, but that’s not the case.”

Same phone for three years? Without a problem

This is also shown in the last part of the chart. Here we can see that 29% of “Apple users” use the same phone for three or more years, but only 21% of “Android users” use the same phone. Software support may well be to blame here, as Apple has 5 years, while Android usually has 2 years, or 3 years at most. Honor exceptions like Samsung or Google’s Pixels.

The CIRP puts forward several other arguments in this regard. According to them, iPhones are more robust (for years, they have been well-made phones made of metal and durable glass), so they are more resistant to various unfortunate falls, scratches and the like. Another statistic also shows that iPhone users are much more willing to pay to repair the glass or back cover of their phone. Android owners are more likely to buy a new device right away.

Although stereotypes suggest that iPhone customers are more image-oriented and profile themselves as tech enthusiasts, CIRP cites another interesting argument for why Android users are switching phones after a shorter period of time. “Maybe iPhone owners are easily discouraged, comfortable with their aging iPhones and not as interested in the latest and greatest models,” The agency points out at the end.

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